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Dr Murray AJ Hudson graduated from the University of Edinburgh in 2009. He began his postgraduate training in Scotland before developing a broader skillset by spending two years as an expedition and volunteer doctor across Asia, East Africa and South America. He also spent two years at St Vincent’s Hospital in Sydney, Australia, where he was drawn to the care of older people, working in geriatrics and frailty units.

Returning to the UK he completed senior training in geriatrics and general internal medicine in London. As a consultant Dr Hudson has established the in-patient medical liaison service for the surgical specialities at Charing Cross Hospital. He also runs pre-operative assessment clinics. His primary focus is the care of older, frailer or multi-morbid people undergoing emergency gastrointestinal and cancer surgeries.

Dr Hudson is also experienced and has conducted research in the care of older surgical patients. He has developed teaching programmes for advanced clinical practitioners at the Trust and sits on the Trusts Clinical Ethics Committee.


Pre-operative assessment, post-operative rehabilitation, general internal medicine and geriatric medicine.

Research & publications

Perioperative care of older people
Teaching and training of in-patient medical and surgical teams

In healthy volunteers the Miami-J® cervical collar causes swallow dysfunction. This may increase the risk of aspiration; of particular potential consequence in older people with neck injury
Murray A.J. Hudson, Jasmine Ehsanullah, Annabelle Lee, Nicola Macpherson, Aisha O'Gilvie, Alvin Shrestha, Kevin Tsang, Cerys Morgan, George Peck, Louis J. Koizia, Michael B. Fertleman
June 2023 Interdisciplinary Neurosurgery; Original research (Journal publication)

Mentoring the new third year internal medicine trainees
Murray A. J. Hudson, Edward Hoy, Cerys A. Morgan
May 2023 Medical Education (Journal publication)

Limited geriatrician input is better than none: Geriatrician led team meetings improve understanding of frailty and medical management of older general surgical patients, meeting NELA standards of care.
Hudson M, Luo R, Reese G, Koizia L, Fertleman M, Sritharan G
May 2022 Association of Surgeons of G.B. and Ireland annual congress. (Talking poster presentation)
August 2022 British Journal of Surgery, Volume 109, Issue Supplement_5, August 2022

Even limited geriatrician involvement reduces length of stay for all age acute general surgery patients
Luo R, Hudson M, Cepeda V, Reese G, Peck G, Morgan C, Koizia L, Fertleman M, Sritharan G
April 2022 British Geriatric Society Spring Meeting. (Poster presentation)
June 2022 Age and Ageing, Volume 51, Issue Supplement_2, June 2022

Widespread Ignorance on how to Adjust the Miami-J® Spinal Collar When Eating and Drinking Leads to Increased Aspiration Risk in Older People
Hudson M, Ehsanullah J, Oungpasuk K, O’Regan A, Macpherson N, O’Gilvie A, Morgan C, Peck G, Koizia L, Fertleman M
March 2022 Archives of Clinical and Medical Case Reports; Case report (Journal publication)

We must consider a growing opioid epidemic in older people
Hudson M, Koizia L, Fertleman M
March 2022 Geriatric Orthopaedic Surgery & Rehabilitation; Letter to the Editor (Journal publication)

Improving opiate prescribing in older adults with hip fractures to combat the iatrogenic fallout
Hudson M, Atkin J, Lumley G, Singh S, Varma S, Shenoy D, Morgan C, Peck G, Fertleman M, Koizia L
November 2021 British Geriatric Society Autumn meeting. (Poster Presentation)
March 2022 Age and Ageing, Volume 51, Issue Supplement_1, March 2022

Communication Challenges between Doctors & Relatives during the COVIDÔÇÉ19 Pandemic: Simple interventions with meaningful impact
Patani B; Hudson M; Khan M; Head N; Long S
November 2021 British Geriatric Society Autumn meeting. (Poster Presentation)
March 2022 Age and Ageing, Volume 51, Issue Supplement_1, March 2022