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In 2009 Dr Lucio D’Anna obtained his MD with honours at the Medical School of the University of Udine, Italy. In 2015, after having completed his neurology training with honours at the University of Udine, he decided to move to London where he obtained GMC specialty registration as a neurology consultant. He subsequently became an associate member of the Royal College of Physicians. In 2017, Dr D’Anna was awarded a PhD in clinical neuroscience from King's College London. The title of his PhD thesis was ‘White matter disconnection in frontal lobe disorders’.


Stroke, cryptogenetic stroke, atrial fibrillation

Research & publications

Dr D’Anna’s PhD research demonstrated a revised model of local and long frontal networks and their role in cognition and behaviour. To address this task, he investigated the neuroanatomical basis of behavioural and cognitive deficits in three disorders affecting frontal lobes, namely primary progressive aphasia, autism spectrum disorder and motor neurone disease. The first project, called ‘Fronto-temporal networks and behavioral symptoms in primary progressive aphasia’, was conducted in collaboration with Professor Marsel M Mesulam and Professor Emily Rogalski of the Northwestern University of Chicago (USA). For this work, he was awarded the International Scholarship Award by the American Academy of Neurology in 2015 and Best PhD paper Award by King’s College London in 2016. The results were published as a first author article in Neurology journal and were awarded the cover of the April 2016 issue of Neurology. The second project is ‘Frontal networks in adults with autism spectrum disorder’ and resulted in a full article published in Brain journal. Finally, the third project is ‘Neuronal correlates of cognitive and behavioural symptoms in amyotrophic lateral sclerosis’. This work is being currently submitted as first author for peer review to Neurology. Overall, the findings of my thesis indicated that damage to specific frontal lobe white matter structures could manifest with abnormalities in several aspects of social behaviour and cognition. These considerations will help to broaden our understanding of the frontal lobe function beyond motor and language functions. 


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