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Dr Joseph Kwan is currently a consultant in stroke medicine at the stroke centre, Charing Cross Hospital, London. He is also the clinical lead at the stroke unit at St John & St Elizabeth Hospital. After completing his education at Malvern College in 1989, he qualified in Medicine from Bristol University in 1994. He obtained his MRCP in 1997 before embarking on stroke research (MPhil) at Southampton University in 1998. He was then awarded the Stroke Association Clinical Research Fellowship and Glaxo Wellcome Clinical Research Fellowship at Edinburgh University to complete his stroke research (MD) in 2002.

After finishing his specialist training in general internal and geriatric medicine, he became a consultant physician in 2006, Stroke Network Clinical Director in 2008, and Head of Stroke Medicine in 2009. He has also undergone clinical neurology training at the National Hospital of Neurology & Neurosurgery in 2006; dementia scholarship at UCSF, San Francisco, in 2015; qualification in Nutrition from Cornell University In 2016 and training in cannabinoid medicine by the Academy of Medical Cannabis UK in 2019.

Dr Joseph Kwan spent five years as the Clinical Associate Professor in Geriatric Medicine at the University of Hong Kong, specialising in neurology in older people and dementia. He was the founder and director of the Gerontology Research Laboratory in HKU, where he still has ongoing PhD students working on the basic and clinical research in neuroscience. On returning to London in 2018, he joined the prestigious stroke centre at the Trust as a senior consultant, in charge of clinical quality improvement (SSNAP Lead) and postgraduate training and education. At the Trust, he founded the Imperial Post-Stroke Cognitive Research Group, which promotes interdisciplinary collaboration between academic researchers working on the different domains of cognitive impairment after stroke. To date, he has published over 140 journal articles, scientific abstracts, book chapters and theses. Dr Joseph Kwan is a Fellow of the Royal College of Physicians, Fellow of the Royal Society of Public Health, and Fellow of the European Stroke Organisation. In Hong Kong, he is also a Fellow of the Hong Kong College of Physicians and Fellow of the Hong Kong Academy of Medicine. He holds a Visiting Professorship at Bournemouth University and Honorary Clinical Associate Professorship at the University of Hong Kong. He is also a Clinical Lecturer for the School of Pharmacy of Bath University, and for the MSc in Stroke Medicine of University College London. He is a regular speaker at GP Education Symposia. He is a PACES examiner for the Royal College of Physicians, and an examiner for the Imperial College London Medical School. He continues to peer review for the Medical Research Council and various stroke and neuroscience journals.

Dr Joseph Kwan has a unique specialism in stroke, dementia and ageing. He has particular expertise in acute stroke, stroke rehabilitation, stroke prevention, and cognitive dysfunction. He focuses on delivering personalised and holistic care that emphasises on promoting independent living, quality of life and return to work. He is a strong believer in using nutrition and exercise to improve the interaction between the brain, heart and mind.


Stroke, dementia

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