Better Hospitals webinar now available to watch

Data and AI innovation is transforming healthcare: who benefits most?

On Tuesday 1 March, we were joined by a panel of experts to discuss how hospitals, patients, healthcare innovators, researchers, and business can work best together on wider and safe use of data and AI in front line medicine.

The panel discussed how to accelerate the safe adoption of AI-driven technologies, how to increase inclusion in digital healthcare, the patient’s perspective on building trust in data and AI use, and how to improve analysis of the ‘wild west’ of data and insights to improve clinical decision making and research.

They also considered the importance of real-world collaboration, where researchers have the opportunity to work directly with patients and their clinical teams to test and adapt solutions.




Chair: Dr Bob Klaber, consultant paediatrician and executive director of strategy, research, and innovation at Imperial College Healthcare.


Dan Bamford, deputy-director of AI Awards at the NHS AI Lab, a £250m investment enabling the development and deployment of ethical and effective AI-driven technologies into the UK health and care system.

Amy Darlington, executive director of Imperial Health Partners, a partnership organisation bringing together NHS providers of healthcare services, clinical commissioning groups and leading universities across North West London to support complex change across the health and care sector.

Carl Bate, founder and CEO of RecoverX which develops evidence-based augmented intelligence technologies to help clinicians reach the best possible decisions for every patient, and researchers gain the best possible real-world insights.