Green Plan

The NHS is responsible for 5 per cent of the UK’s carbon emissions and 3.5 per cent of all road travel. At the same time, climate change is recognised as having a negative impact on health, particularly in deprived areas, exacerbating health inequalities. As one of the largest NHS trusts serving some of the poorest communities in London, we recognise the important role we have to play in helping to reduce emissions and improve sustainability overall.

Our Green Plan sets out a framework for how the Trust will reduce the impact of climate change and pollution on health, reduce reliance on unsustainable services and medicines and embrace ‘green’ learning and innovation. The Plan is underpinned by 12 green goals for the organisation including achieving cleaner air, a reduction in energy use and smarter travel.

The Green Plan is our commitment to reduce our impact on the environment and to deliver sustainable healthcare, helping to secure better health, for life for generations to come. We will work with patients, staff, local communities and partners to put our organisation on a path to a cleaner, greener, healthier and more equitable future.

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