Our mission is to be a key partner in our local health system and to drive health and healthcare innovation, delivering outstanding care, education and research with local, national and worldwide impact.

We have three overarching strategic goals that, together, will enable us to achieve our vision of 'better health, for life': 

  • to help create a high quality integrated care system with the population of north west London
  • to develop a sustainable portfolio of outstanding services
  • to build learning, improvement and innovation into everything we do.

We have set out what our strategic goals mean and what we expect to change in order to achieve them. We have then described what these changes will require us to do, in practical terms, over the three years to April 2023, focusing first on our clinical services, models of care and ways of working. We have arrived at six statements that articulate our strategic clinical approach and we have used them to prioritise eight specific clinical objectives to be achieved by April 2023. We have also considered the key enablers of these clinical developments – quality improvement, our people and digital – and, for each , we set out another layer of detailed objectives that need to be achieved by April 2023 in order to support our clinical objectives and move us closer towards our three overarching strategic goals.

You can read our strategy and three-year objectives here. You can also view an earlier document that linked our strategic goals to our 2019/20, one-year objectives here

Our values and behaviours

Our values – to be kind, collaborative, expert and aspirational – underpin our strategy. Alongside our strategy and annual plan, we developed a ‘behaviours framework’ which sets out clear examples of behaviours that show when we are, or are not, living our values.

You can see an overview of our strategy and behaviours framework in the poster below

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Leading change leaflet page 2