As well as improving our care and services for today’s patients, we also have to look at how we can best meet the evolving needs of patients and local communities and respond to how healthcare and society is changing more generally. And we have to do that efficiently and sustainably. ​

Our strategy

As the chief executive of NHS England set out in his Five Year Forward View, ‘the NHS needs to adapt to take advantage of the opportunities that science and technology offer patients, carers and those who serve them. But it also needs to evolve to meet new challenges: we live longer, with complex health issues, sometimes of our own making. One in five adults still smoke. A third of us drink too much alcohol. Just under two thirds of us are overweight or obese.’

The Five Year Forward View argued for the NHS to have a more engaged relationship with patients, carers and citizens so that we can promote wellbeing and prevent ill-health.

As a Trust, we also have some additional challenges that reflect our specific circumstances and history. Much of our estate, especially at St Mary’s, is very old and in urgent need of modernisation. We have one of the largest amounts of backlog maintenance of all NHS trusts. We were formed from the merger of two large trusts in 2008 and we still have more to do to streamline and simplify our processes and ways of working.  

The Trust has established a strategic framework to progress both immediate and long-term improvements, shaped by our organisational ethos, values and behaviours. Key elements include:

We’ve produced a poster to show how our values are shaping a set of core strategies, supporting strategies and key initiatives that, together, aim to deliver our promise, of better health, for life.

Sustainability and transformation plan (STP)

On Friday 21 October 2016, local CCGs provided NHS England with the latest submission of the north west London sustainability and transformation plan (STP) on behalf of the north west London STP 'footprint'. This builds on further work, and feedback received, since the first draft was submitted to NHS England on Thursday 30 June 2016.

The STP is all about local government and the NHS working together to provide joined up services for residents in north west London. The STP is an ‘umbrella’ – covering local CCG commissioning plans plus larger scale and region-wide work. Most improvements will be developed and delivered locally, but the STP encourages greater coordination and cooperation across the health and care system, reflecting the way patients use it.

Whilst the STP sets out plans and data at an aggregated regional level, the important detailed planning at local level will intensify, shaped by on-going engagement with residents and patients. If you would like to read the latest version of the STP, then please click here or do get in contact if you would like to discuss further.