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Faduma Ahmed, secretary


Faculty of medicine, University of Toronto (MD, 1985)
Residency in neurology University of Toronto (FRCPC, 1991)
PhD in neuropharmacology, Kings College London, 1999
Neurology training as registrar, The National Hospital (1996-1998) and St Thomas's Hospital (1998-1999)
Consultant neurologist, Charing Cross Hospital and West Middlesex University Hospital (1999-), FRCP


Movement disorders (Parkinsonism; dystonia; tremor), functional (dissociative) disorders in neurology, botulinum toxin (dystonia, hemifacial spasm, blepharospasm, spasticity, hyperhidrosis, etc)

Research & publications

Neurodegeneration, pathology of Parkinson's disease and related disorders (50+ papers).

Private practice

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