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We’re committed to training and educating our people to an exceptionally high standard. We provide learning opportunities at every stage; inspiring you to make the most of your talent.

Learning at work

Wherever you are in your career, we make sure you have all the skills you need to succeed. When you join the Trust we deliver a carefully tailored induction programme, and for those starting in entry-level roles we also offer NVQ level two and level three qualifications. 

Leadership development

Whether you are a first line manager or a senior leader, we have a comprehensive selection of programmes to help you develop your management and leadership skills. Our programmes are tailored to suit your needs and interests, the scale and scope of your work and your previous experience.

Our programmes will give you the tools you need to understand your management style, manage effectively, lead staff well and optimise your performance. We will also provide support so you feel you are able to take on more complex work.

First step: preparation for management

Foundations: introduction to management. A six-month programme which focuses on building essential management skills and confidence.

Foundation: supporting new managers:

Springboard: nurse and midwife leadership

Head start: management into leadership. A nine-month programme for established managers which focuses on developing skills to engage staff and enable their performance.

Frontier: medical consultant leadership

Aspire: the leadership way. A 12-month programme for people with significant service leadership. Aspire focuses on developing personal leadership styles and skills.

Horizons: leading across systems. A 12-month programme for experienced, senior leaders. Expert facilitators lead sessions on critical leadership topics. At the end of the course, participants work together to develop a project that addresses a live leadership challenge within the Trust.

Clinical development

We offer cross specialty and profession clinical educational training. For example doctors, nurses and other health professionals regularly take part in trauma education sessions and simulation training.

We also offer numerous undergraduate, postgraduate and professional development courses for clinical, nursing and medical practitioners.

Coaching and support

Staff who undertake a management or leadership programme will have access to a personal coach or mentor along with support from the programme leads. They will provide confidential one-to-one constructive challenges and support.