Monkeypox - update and advice

The UKHSA is currently investigating a number of cases of monkeypox in England.

Monkeypox is a viral infection. It is usually a mild self-limiting illness, spread by very close contact with an infected person and most people recover within a few weeks. The virus does not spread easily between people and the risk to the UK population is low.

We are following national guidance and have robust infection control procedures in place across our hospitals to keep our staff and patients safe.

Anyone with concerns that they could be infected should see a health professional but make contact with the clinic or surgery ahead of a visit. NHS advice is to contact your GP or call 111 if you have a rash with blisters and either:
• you've been in close contact with someone who has monkeypox or has symptoms of monkeypox
• you've been to west or central Africa in the past 6 weeks

Please make sure you tell the person you speak to if you've had close contact with someone who has or might have monkeypox, or if you've recently travelled to central or west Africa.

Download a copy of the patient information leaflet here
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