Network Learning Forum - 17 June 2020

West London CCG Training Hub for NWL

Network Learning Forum, Wednesday 17 June 13:00 – 14:00 

To join session please click on the MS Teams link – Link to Ophthalmology webinar

Presenters and topics below:




  • London Directory of Ophthalmology Service Provision
  • Google map of London Eye Casualty services
  • Optometry Risk Stratification Document
  • Eye Casualty contact details within and outside social hours
  • Advice & Guidance for NWL Hospital Eye Services
  • Triage of urgent eye conditions

Evelyn Mensah

Consultant Ophthalmologist

Central Middlesex Hospital

  • Management of Urgent Eye conditions - ‘Red Flags’





Valerie Saw

Consultant Ophthalmologist

Western Eye Hospital, Imperial

  • Management of Chronic Eye conditions on waiting lists (cataract, glaucoma, medical retina)





Richard Lee

Consultant Ophthalmologist Chelsea & Westminster

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