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How green is your hospital

Better hospitals seminar series

What could new, super-sustainable hospitals look like and what can the NHS do now to help reduce the health impact of climate change?

In this online event, the second of our ‘Better hospitals’ series, we will discuss how the NHS is approaching its ambitious net zero targets, how to build (and refurbish) for sustainability, how to make every day clinical practice more sustainable and consider the patient and wider community impact of going ‘green’, both inside and outside hospital walls.

The seminar will be live and open to all.


Dr Bob Klaber, director of strategy, research, and innovation at Imperial College Healthcare.

Trish Longdon, chair of Imperial College Healthcare’s strategic lay forum, a body that helps ensure the Trust’s plans are shaped by what matters most to patients.


Dr Nick Watts, the NHS’s first Chief Sustainability Officer, is responsible for its commitment to deliver a world-class net zero emission health service and leads the nationwide Greener NHS team. 

Sunand Prasad, PhD (RCA), past president of RIBA and leading environmentalist, co-founder of Penoyre & Prasad. He has led the development of its patient-centred healthcare architecture practice.

Dr Gareth Thompson, emergency medicine doctor at Imperial College Healthcare, currently working with the Trust to help deliver its new Green Plan.

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The seminar is now available to watch