Meet Asmahan, a patient safety partner at Imperial College Healthcare NHS Trust

A patient safety partner works with the healthcare team to make sure patients are safe and shares the patient's point of view to improve care.

What is patient safety?

“Patient safety is making sure patients stay safe during their healthcare and avoid harm during their healthcare. It is about preventing mistakes and ensuring their well-being throughout the medical process.”

Patient safety is one of the Trust’s top priorities. We know that involving patients improves safety and last year we recruited six members of our local community as patient safety partners.

As someone who works with several local organisations, Asmahan is passionate about education. She works with Lea Tiernan, our patient safety engagement manager, and the patient safety partners are actively involved in the design of safer healthcare at all levels of the organisation.

What does a patient safety partner do?

“A patient safety partner works with the healthcare team to make sure patients are safe and shares the patient's point of view to improve care. They help ensure that the patient's perspective is considered in keeping healthcare safe.”

What inspired you to take on this role?

“It is important to involve patients more in patient safety because they have their own experiences and insights. They can help improve safety measures by sharing what they go through, making healthcare better and safer for everyone.

“Working closely within the community, I felt inspired to support them and make a positive impact by ensuring that the information and assistance provided are accessible and relatable to everyone.”

What has been the highlight in your first year?

“As we reflect on our first year together, I am proud of the positive changes we have made in improving patient safety, especially in initiatives like World Patient Safety Day where I had the opportunity to contribute as a panellist.

“As part of a panel discussion, I raised awareness about the needs of underserved groups in our healthcare system. It is crucial to make healthcare info clear for everyone, ensuring easy access to services. I advocate for including underserved communities in healthcare decisions and respecting their unique cultures and customs.

“It is great to see our efforts making a real difference in keeping patients safe. Looking ahead, I am excited about more collaborations, learning experiences, and making a lasting impact. I want to focus on community engagement, simple steps, and co-designing patient safety strategies.”

While you are in hospital, keeping you safe and well is a priority for the staff looking after you. There are also some simple steps you can take to help keep yourself safe during your hospital stay, such as asking for help when needed, protecting yourself from slips and falls and helping to prevent blood clots.