8 November 2023

Healthcare Central London joins Paddington Life Sciences Partners


Healthcare central London
Healthcare Central London brings insights and expertise from primary care as an associate member.

Healthcare Central London (HCL), a federation of 33 general practices in Westminster, has joined the Paddington Life Sciences Partners, becoming the first new partner since its inception in June 2023.

HCL has agreed to work together with the other 14 Paddington Life Sciences Partners to improve health and reduce inequalities through four key areas of focus: social value, diversity and equity in clinical trials, data and digital, and place and space. As an associate member of Paddington Life Sciences Partners, HCL will have a strategic advisory role and will also support specific projects by bringing in their expertise and insights from the primary care sector.

Dr Suki Balendra, Director of strategic partnerships for Paddington Life Sciences, said: “It is fantastic to have HCL as a partner of Paddington Life Sciences and we look forward to their contribution across our focus areas ultimately to improve health and reduce inequalities for our local communities.”

Dr Rishi Chopra, HCL Chair, Regent Health PCN Clinical Director and General Practitioner at Paddington Green Health Centre, said: “Central London is a unique place – we have the largest homeless population in Europe and two large student practices, as well as a stark difference in life expectancy between different areas of our borough. It means we see the impact of health inequalities on a daily basis. We’re delighted to join Paddington Life Sciences Partners to help progress the work we’re already doing within our community to address these issues. We know that improving health outcomes can’t be solved by one organisation working in isolation. Combining knowledge, data and skills is what will truly make a difference.”

This new partnership builds on an existing relationship between Imperial College Healthcare NHS Trust and Healthcare Central London through the North West London Integrated Care System.

Paddington Life Sciences Partners is an influential partnership group made up of NHS, industry, community and academic organisations with a shared commitment to the local community it serves in Paddington and beyond. This 15-member group is a key driver of the Paddington Life Sciences development – a life sciences cluster led by Imperial College Healthcare NHS Trust and centred around St Mary’s Hospital that aims to achieve major health, social and economic value.

Dr Bob Klaber, Imperial College Healthcare NHS Trust director of strategy, research and innovation said: “One of the great strengths of Paddington Life Sciences Partners is how the work of the cluster is deeply embedded in our local communities, and there is no group of professionals more tuned into the assets and needs within our communities than GPs and their teams. We are really thrilled that HCL are bringing their expertise and insights into our work, and we are really excited about the impact on improving health equity that their involvement will have.”

Paddington Life Sciences Partners are: British Land, Brockton Everlast, Derwent London, Imperial College Healthcare NHS Trust, Imperial College London, IQVIA, Microsoft, Optum, Oracle Health, Takeda, The Paddington Partnership, Vertex and Vodafone. The Associate Partners are: Imperial College Health Partners, Imperial Health Charity and Healthcare Central London.