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Trial: By-Band-Sleeve study

Research area

Bariatric surgery


The By-Band-Sleeve study aims to find out the best type of operation to treat obesity. There are three standard operations routinely offered to patients in the UK: gastric band surgery, gastric bypass surgery and sleeve gastrectomy surgery.

The By-Band-Sleeve study is the first to compare these operations fully. We will follow people for three years after their operation and measure their weight loss, quality of life and healthcare usage. The results of the study will provide clear information about the provision of weight-loss surgery for patients and policy-makers in the future.

This trial will be held across different sites (multi-centre) under randomised controlled conditions (e.g. participants will be allocated to a treatment group by chance).

Who can take part?

Patients being considered for surgery for obesity.


Fatima Akbar, clinical research practitioner