Participation in dementia and memory loss clinical research is always voluntary; even if you decide to be involved you will be able to withdraw from the trial at any time. Withdrawing from a research study will not affect any on-going treatment you receive.

Taking part in a memory trial

Join Dementia Research at the Imperial Memory Unit

Taking part in memory, Alzheimer’s disease and dementia clinical research can include:

  • attending the Imperial memory clinic throughout the study (you will be reimbursed for your transport to and from appointments)
  • investigations, such as blood samples, having an MRI or PET scan, and physical examinations
  • completing memory assessment tests
  • taking a tablet or receiving an injection
  • a family member may be asked to complete questionnaires.

Who can take part

A clinical trial needs to be right for the patient, and the patient needs to be right for the clinical trial. There are often very specific criteria that need to be met for someone to take part in a clinical trial. For memory clinical trials you normally need:

  • to have a memory problem or a diagnosis of dementia
  • to live independently (rather than living in a residential or nursing home)
  • to be reasonably physically healthy
  • to be able to take the study medication your current medications
  • to be at a stable dose to complete our memory assessment test, and score at an appropriate level
  • to be willing and able to undertake procedures such as blood tests and brain scans
  • to have a family member or friend who can come to appointments with you.