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GP & clinical referral

Clinical Assessment

We accept NHS referrals from GPs, physicians, and other healthcare professionals. We are not restricted by geographical boundaries for our referrals and see patients referred from local areas in west London, as well as from all over the South East of England and beyond. Referrers can simply write to the Memory Clinic, Department of Neurosciences, Charing Cross Hospital.

If you are a patient and would like to be assessed at our clinic, please ask your GP for a referral.

Clinical Trials

We accept referrals for clinical trials from other memory services in the South East as well as from GPs.

Clinical Trials and Research

We have a dedicated clinical trials facility within the department where we run clinical trials for patients with memory and cognitive problems.

Our aim is to provide our patients with the opportunity to benefit from the latest developments in research. This may involve new types of brain scan or the newest treatments for dementia. In contrast to currently available drugs therapy, many of these trials are aimed at developing drugs that affect the underlying processes in dementia.

Our clinical trials team is comprised of experienced and sympathetic doctors, nurses, and psychologists. All our trials have full ethical approval and are run in our comfortable and well-equipped unit where safety and a positive patient experience are paramount.

For all our studies, travel costs will be reimbursed and if necessary, transport to the unit can be arranged. Refreshments will be provided during your visit.

Recent studies include:

  • A clinical trial investigating the effects of a potential disease modifying treatment in mild to moderate Alzheimer’s disease
  • A clinical trial investigating cognitive enhancing therapy in moderate Alzheimer’s disease
  • A treatment trial of a new medication designed to reduce levels of brain amyloid and delay progression in patients with mild cognitive impairment

You are welcome to refer patients to us if they are interested in taking part in a clinical trial, and patients may also contact us directly.

Contact us

For referrals to the memory clinic for assessment and diagnosis, referrers can write to:

The Memory Clinic

Department of Neurosciences

Charing Cross Hospital

Fulham Palace Road


W6 8RF

If you would like to enquire about clinical trials for dementia and memory disorders, please contact us on 020 3311 5228 or write to:

Imperial Memory Unit

Floor 10, West Wing

Charing Cross Hospital

Fulham Palace Road


W6 8RF