Andor is a video consultation system used in Imperial College Healthcare NHS Trust for virtual outpatient clinics.

Imperial College Healthcare NHS Trust is piloting Andor video consultations with the Nephrology service until further notice

If you are an outpatient of one of these specialties, you may receive an invitation to a video consultation instead of a face-to-face appointments. You can find out about the Andor Health solution for video consultations and how to use it below.

What You Will Need for Your Virtual Consultation

  1. Access to WiFi or a strong movile phone connection and the latest version of a supported browser:
    1. Windows users must use Google Chrome or Microsoft Edge
      Note: Internet Explorer will not work
    2. Apple devices users must use Apple Safari
    3. Android devices users must use Google Chrome
  2. A connected device, such as a desktop, laptop, tablet, or smartphone with a functioning camera and microphone
  3. Make sure you are online and in a quiet space, 10 minutes before the appointment start time. Please bear in mind that your clinician may be running late. 

Seven days before your appointment

You will receive a reminder by text and email seven days before your video outpatient appointment. This reminder will include the date, time, and speciality for your appointment, along with the NHS speciality help-line number if you have questions or wish to cancel or modify your appointment.

Three days before your appointment

You will receive a reminder notification by text and email three days before your video outpatient appointment. This reminder will include a link to an educational video to prepare you for your video consultation and a downloadable patient guide.

Andor screen shot 1
Andor screen shot 2
Andor screen shot 3
Andor screen shot 4

Day of your appointment – Joining your virtual waiting room

Please join the virtual waiting room up to 30 minutes before and no more than 15 minutes after your appointment time. For flexibility, the Andor platform allows you to choose between two different ways to join the waiting room.

Option 1

Go to (the same link found in your appointment letter) and enter your last name and date of birth. Click your appointment details to join your virtual waiting.


Andor screenshot 5

Option 2

You will receive a text/email notification 30-minutes before your appointment with a link to join your virtual waiting room.


Andor screenshot 6


Day of your appointment – Preparing for your virtual visit

Once you check into the waiting room, the system automatically informs your clinician that you are ready for your consultation

While you wait, you can prepare for your visit by reviewing the appointment details for your upcoming appointment.

  • Navigate to the automatic device and browser compatibility check using the right-hand arrow. If your device and/or browser are not compatible, you will be able to send an invite to another device that is compatible for supporting the virtual visit.
Andor screenshot 7
Andor screenshot 8
Andor screenshot 9
  • Confirm your contact information (amend if necessary)
  • Use the ‘Add family members to our visit’ option to invite others to the consultation.
Andor screenshot 10
Andor screenshot 11
Andor screenshot 12

Starting your virtual consultation 

When the clinician starts the virtual consultation, your waiting room button will ring.

  • Click the ringing phone icon.

  • Click “ALLOW” to permit access to your microphone and camera.

  • Click “JOIN CALL” to start the consultation.

Andor screengrab 13

At the same time, both you and anyone you invited, will receive a text message/email with the unique link that will lead directly to your virtual consultation. This link is a useful alternative entry point if, for whatever reason, you left the virtual waiting room.

Andor screen grab 14