We want to involve you as much as possible in the assessment, treatment and recovery of the person you care for. We understand relatives and carers play a central role in our patients’ lives and we encourage you to share information about the person you are supporting with our staff as this will help us to look after them better.

Information for relatives and carers

At appointments

Relatives and carers are welcome to attend appointments and accompany patients while they have diagnostic tests. We encourage you to ask our clinicians questions and raise any concerns you have. The amount of information we are able to share with you depends upon the patient’s consent, but we will do our best to respond to you.

On the ward

We understand your presence on the ward provides essential comfort and support to the person you care for. We were one of the first trusts to support the national John’s Campaign to ensure that carers, particularly those of patients with dementia, are able to be present on the ward with their loved one at any time. Please speak to a member of the ward team to obtain a Carer’s Passport which will enable you to go onto the ward outside of visiting hours.

Parents and guardians of children

Parents and guardians of children and young adults can be on the ward where their child is being cared for at all times. We only allow two visitors to see your child at one time during the day so we can safely manage the number of people on the ward. In the evening, we ask visitors to leave the ward by 20.00 so our younger patients can begin to wind down for sleep. We welcome you to stay overnight with a child you are caring for, however we can only have one person staying overnight with each child – this is for health and safety reasons.

Please speak to a member of the ward team for further information about how we can work with you and support you to support our patients.