Find out what you can expect when you visit our sexual health clinics.

Coronavirus & HIV 

For up to date information go to the British HIV Association website

Vaccinations for 'Flu and Pneumococcus 

Ask your GP now for Pneumococcal vaccination (if you have not already had this) then a 'Flu vaccine later in the year. These can prevent serious chest infections. 


If you smoke, quitting now may help to you cope better with any future chest infections. Most GPs can link you to a smoking cessation service

Mental health, alcohol and drug use and safety at home 

If you need help, please let us know during your appointment. Between appointments, contact your GP or our Emergency Clinic

Care Information Exchange (also known as Patient Knows Best) 

This service allows you to see all your appointments, clinic letters and tests results online through a secure NHS system. You can also use it to contact your doctor or nurse confidentially. Follow this link to find out more: Care Information Exchange.