Coronavirus update for HIV services

We’re making changes to our sexual health and HIV services to help respond to coronavirus and protect our patients, staff and visitors. Learn more on our HIV page.


Our women's HIV clinic provides screening for sexual infections, cervical smears and advice on safer sex and contraception for women with HIV. 

It also offers pre-conception advice for women and men with HIV and their partners, pregnancy testing and links to maternity services.


The women’s HIV clinic offers:

  • Antiretroviral therapy for HIV-1 and 2 infection
  • HIV viral load monitoring
  • Screening and treatment for bacterial and viral sexually transmitted infections 
  • Microscopy for vaginal infections (such as thrush and bacterial vaginosis) 
  • Initial investigations for infertility
  • Pre-conception counselling for serodiscordant couples (one HIV-negative and one HIV-positive partner).
  • HIV testing of negative partners (if appropriate)

What to expect at your appointment

We will usually see you within six weeks of receiving your referral, although emergency slots are available for urgent referrals. We routinely offer chaperones to all patients requiring genital examinations. A female chaperone for the appointment may be available on request. Please bring with you a list of current medications, previous gynaecological history, antenatal book/record (if pregnant) and the date of your last menstrual period. 

During your appointment you will be asked questions relating to your HIV and your sexual and reproductive health. You will be given a choice as to how you would like to receive your results for sexual health tests.

Additional information for patients

Please see these links and leaflets from trusted sources for helpful information about living with HIV:


GP and secondary care

Please email referral letters to: 

Dr Nicola Mackie 
Head of specialty for HIV
Jefferiss Wing


GP advice

Please email


Patients who receive their HIV care at the Jefferiss Wing and would like to be seen by Dr Mackie can be referred by their HIV physician.

We are happy to see the HIV-negative (or positive) partners of patients attending our service. They can self-refer.