Our postnatal care services at Queen Charlotte’s & Chelsea and St Mary’s hospitals care for women who have just given birth and their new babies.

Once you have given birth on the labour ward you will move to one of our postnatal wards, where midwives and support workers will monitor you and your baby. You may also see an obstetrician on the postnatal ward.

Our postnatal services include:

  • enhanced recovery to improve mobility and post-operative recovery following a Caesarean section
  • transitional care provided by experienced midwives and neonatologists for mothers with babies who may need additional support, such as antibiotics and treatment of jaundice
  • breastfeeding support, including a daily talk given by our specialist breastfeeding midwives
  • specialist women's health physiotherapy
  • regular reviews by our obstetricians for women requiring obstetric care
  • postnatal anaesthetic follow-up for women who have had epidurals for their labour and delivery
  • BCG vaccination to protect your baby from tuberculosis
  • newborn and infant physical examinations (NIPE) carried out by our specially trained midwives

Additional information

Amenity rooms

Each ward has shared accommodation for women who are recovering from giving birth. We also offer single ‘amenity rooms’ with ensuite facilities, which can be booked for a nightly fee. Alternatively, you can upgrade to a super-amenity room on one of our private wards. These rooms can be booked on the day you have your baby, subject to availability. Please speak to your midwife at the birth centre, labour ward or postnatal ward for more information.


We have open visiting hours on our postnatal wards, though we ask that for the comfort of yourself and other patients this is limited to two visitors at a time. For contact details and directions, please see information about each specific ward:

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