Our maternal medicine service is delivered by a team of consultants and midwives.

Queen Charlotte’s & Chelsea Hospital


Professor Catherine Nelson-Piercy, professor of obstetric medicine
Dr Charlotte Frise, consultant obstetric physician
Miss Mandish Dhanjal, clinical director for maternity, consultant obstetrician and gynaecologist and maternal medicine specialist
Miss Bryony Jones, consultant obstetrician and maternal and fetal medicine subspecialist
Miss Muna Noori, consultant obstetrician and maternal and fetal medicine subspecialist
Dr Anne Dornhorst, consultant diabetologist
Dr Mark Layton, consultant haematologist
Dr Carolyn Millar, consultant haematologist
Professor Mike Laffan, professor of haematology
Dr Pooja Dassan, consultant neurologist
Professor Liz Lightstone, professor of renal medicine
Dr Belinda Smith, consultant hepatologist
Dr Vinnie Sodhi, consultant obstetric anaesthetist
Dr Jasmine Tay, consultant obstetrician and subspecialist in maternal fetal medicine

Other physicians often consulted about specific conditions

Professor Petros Nihoyannopoulos, consultant cardiologist
Professor Justin Mason, consultant rheumatologist
Professor Tim Orchard, divisional director, medicine and intergrated care
Dr Philip Ind, consultant respiratory physician

Additional team members

Catherine Baker, maternal medicine specialist midwife
Helene Theophanous, diabetes specialist midwife
Mary Joyce, diabetes specialist nurse
Tomas Prior, maternal fetal medicine subspeciality trainee
Nicola Bramley, obstetric medicine dietician
Emma Jones, obstetric medicine dietician

St Mary’s Hospital


Miss Christina Yu, consultant obstetrician and maternal and fetal medicine subspecialist, clinical lead
Miss Jayne Terry, consultant obstetrician
Professor TG Teoh, divisional director, women's, children's and clinical support
Professor Stephen Robinson, consultant in metabolic medicine 

Other physicians who may be consulted about specific conditions

Professor Jamil Mayet, head of specialty, cardiology
Dr Joanna Ball, consultant neurologist
Dr Alex Everitt, consultant neurologist
Dr Shelley Ward, consultant anaesthetist
Dr Abdul Shlebak, consultant in haematology and thrombosis
Dr Onn Min Kon, consultant respiratory physician
Dr Julian Teare, consultant gastroenterologist 

Additional team member

Maud Reddy, maternal medicine specialist midwife