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Our maternity and obstetrics service provides care for women and babies throughout pregnancy, labour, and the postnatal period, usually through about 10 days after birth. We take pride in providing personalised, supportive services for all of our patients, whether your pregnancy is straightforward or highly complex.

Self-refer to our service

It is important to start your antenatal care early in your pregnancy, as soon as you find out you are pregnant. Use our online self-referral form to quickly refer to our maternity service. 


Sub specialties

Temporary relocation of midwifery-led care at St Mary’s Hospital

Due to unforeseen necessary building work in the Cambridge wing outside the birth centre, we are temporarily unable to deliver care from the St Mary’s birth centre location. We anticipate this to be the case until mid-November when the planned work will be completed. All other maternity services at St Mary’s Hospital remain unaffected by these works, and all women will continue to be offered a full package of midwifery-led care during these works, albeit from a different location. We sincerely apologise for the inconvenience this may cause you, but these building works are urgent and necessary for the continued provision of high quality care in our midwifery-led birthing unit.

Where will I receive antenatal care? 

Your antenatal care from 38 weeks will still be carried out by a St Mary’s birth centre midwife but the location will be the antenatal clinic in Winsland Road during the week, the building where you may have had your scan or earlier antenatal appointments. If you have a weekend appointment, you will be seen in the maternity day unit which is on the first floor of Clarence wing, opposite the labour ward. Birth preparation classes at 36 weeks will now take place at the parent education centre on South Wharf Road, near to the Acrow building at St Mary’s.

Does this mean that I won’t be able to choose a midwifery-led birth?

No. We have worked hard to guarantee that women can continue to receive a full package of midwifery-led care from Imperial College Healthcare NHS Trust, the two options for remaining at Imperial College Healthcare NHS Trust being at St Mary’s Hospital or at our sister birth centre at Queen Charlotte’s & Chelsea Hospital.  If you would prefer to have the birth of your baby at a different hospital trust or birthing unit then please contact us on 020 3312 7707 and we can discuss the process of transferring to an alternative provider.

Where can I choose to give birth?

If you would like to continue your care with Imperial College Healthcare NHS Trust you can choose from two location options:

  • our sister birth centre at Queen Charlotte’s & Chelsea Hospital
  • the labour ward at St Mary’s Hospital, which has two pools and where you will be cared for as far as possible by a St Mary’s birth centre midwife.  

If you would prefer to have the birth of your baby at a different hospital trust or birthing unit then please contact us on 020 3312 7707 and we can discuss the process of transferring to an alternative provider.

Can you guarantee that I will be able to receive care at my preferred alternative location?

Yes. We have sufficient space and expert midwifery staffing in both locations, with the same number of pools.

I’m already booked in for care at the St Mary’s birth centre but I haven’t been contacted to choose my preferred location. What can I do?

All women already booked in for care have been contacted by phone and, where we have been unable to speak with them, by letter, so we apologise if this communication has not reached you yet. Please call the maternity team on 020 3312 7707. Women attending antenatal appointments at an earlier stage of pregnancy are being informed of the birth centre location issue and are being given a choice of where they would like to receive midwifery-led care during this time. 

Care and resources

Our network of community midwives offers care close to home through several “midwifery group practices” across north west London for initial bookings and most subsequent antenatal appointments. Click here to learn more about our community clinics.

If you require more complex care due to one or more medical disorders, or if your pregnancy is deemed high-risk, you will be referred to one of our consultant-led specialist services.

Our maternity helpline is available from 10.00 to 17.30 Monday through Friday and is operated by experienced midwives. This has been developed to provide women and their families with direct and easy access to maternity-related information.

Phone: 020 3312 6135

If you are planning to have your baby with us and you think you are in labour, please call the appropriate labour ward as soon as possible.

Queen Charlotte’s & Chelsea Hospital: 020 3313 3900/3025
St Mary’s Hospital: 020 3312 1060/1722

Learn more about what will happen and what to do when you are in labour

Where to have your baby

We offer several options to women who choose our maternity and obstetrics service. We offer most of the same services at Queen Charlotte’s & Chelsea and at St Mary’s hospitals, so you can choose the location that is most convenient. You can work with your midwife and/or consultant to determine the most appropriate place for you to give birth: at home, at our birth centres, or on our labour wards. Your care will be safe, supportive and personalised in all of these locations.

Additional information

Amenity and super-amenity rooms

We are pleased to offer amenity and super-amenity rooms to our NHS patients who wish to recover from labour in a quieter setting. Additionally, you are welcome to explore the private maternity services offered by our partner, Imperial Private Healthcare

Our history and research

Queen Charlotte’s & Chelsea Hospital is the oldest maternity hospital in the UK and is internationally renowned for its excellence in the care of women with complex medical and obstetric problems. It is also home to the oldest operating milk bank in the world. In addition, Queen Charlotte’s & Chelsea is home to the Women’s Health Research Centre, which is dedicated to improving the health outcomes of women and their babies.

We are currently piloting the use of baby boxes Queen Charlotte's & Chelsea Hospital. If you have any questions about the baby box pilot, please email Read a blog post by Karen Joash, consultant obstetrician at the Trust, to learn more about this pilot project. 

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Me and my partner received great support and friendly advice throughout the whole pregnancy, labour and after care. Overall the experience me and my partner had at the Queen Charlotte's birth centre was amazing. We would definitely return and recommend to anyone.

St Marys birth centre

We couldn't have had a better experience. The staff were incredibly supportive and knowledgeable, helping my wife to deliver with confidence and peace. I definitely recommend the birth centre and would happily go back.


I was looked after exceptionally well. During delivery, the care you receive is fantastic. I was looked after by midwives and their colleagues and I am extremely thankful for all of their help and support during those difficult and tender moments. They were fantastic and so I am extremely grateful for the help and support I received.

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