Our transplantation centre serves north west London and its population of almost two million people. We also provide transplant services for kidney patients from the Lister Hospital in Stevenage, and are happy to receive patients from other parts of the country by personal or medical request.  

Our transplant team performs approximately 170 kidney transplants a year, of which half are living donor transplants (where a kidney is donated by a living person). In addition, we provide outpatient transplant services at Hammersmith and St Mary’s hospitals. Through these clinics we provide long-term follow up for approximately 1700 transplant patients.

Conditions and treatments

We provide treatment for a variety of conditions and issues related to transplantation, including: 

  • Renal failure: transplantation plus centrally based follow up
  • Ongoing transplant patients 
  • Renal failure secondary to diabetes (simultaneous pancreas-kidney or SPK transplantation) 
  • Consequences of immunosuppression 
  • Complex transplantation 
  • Transplant urology
  • Treatment of acute rejection of organs

Additional information

We run a variety of patient education sessions – please speak to one of the clinical nurse specialists for further information.

Clinical trials and research

Our patients may be invited to take part in a study that contributes to the understanding of transplantation immunobiology, clinical outcomes and how to better facilitate successful and safe transplantation in both the short and long term. 

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