Find out how to refer patients to our nephrology service.

GP advice

We offer an email advice service to support GPs and practice staff manage their patients with chronic kidney disease within primary care.



Referrals to all our general nephrology clinics are made by GPs via the national NHS e-Referral Service system or by writing to the consultant nephrologists. Please note, inpatients can no longer be directly referred and referrals must go via the patient’s GP.

Referral criteria: All patients with chronic kidney dysfunction should be referred according to the Royal College of General Practitioners guidelines.  

Please mark your referral letter for the attention of either the ‘Renal Specialist Clinic’ or ‘Renal Transplant Clinic’, and send to:

Renal outpatients clinic
Ground floor
A block
Hammersmith Hospital
Du Cane Road
London W12 0HS

Estimated waiting time: Urgent patients will be seen within two weeks.

The following information about a patient is required when making a referral: 

  • medical history 
  • medication list 
  • examination – BP, oedema, bladder etc 
  • urine dipstick and formal urine protein: creatinine (if proteinuria present) 
  • full blood count, creatinine, electrolytes, albumin, cholesterol, calcium and phosphate 
  • HbA1C (if patient has diabetes) 
  • all previous creatinine results (with dates) 
  • result of renal ultrasound (if available) 

Patients may be transferred to specialist clinics such as the vasculitis, vascular access or predialysis clinics as required.

Secondary care

Please contact the nephrology team directly.