Our nephrology service is managed by a team of consultants and nurse specialists.

Clinical director, renal; consultant nephrologist

Dr Tom Cairns

Consultant nephrologists

Dr Damien Ashby
Dr Neill Duncan
Dr Andrew Frankel
Dr Jack Galliford
Dr Megan Griffith
Dr Peter Hill
Professor Liz Lightstone
Dr Marina Loucaidou
Dr Adam McLean
Dr Andrew Palmer
Dr Darren Parsons
Dr Charles Pusey
Dr Fred Tam 

Locum consultant nephrologist

Dr Rawya Charif

Acting consultant nephrologist

Dr Michelle Willicombe

Renal nurse consultant/chronic kidney disease nurse specialist

Wendy Brown

Senior clinical nurse specialists

Elizabeth Dalby
Helen Watts

Clinical nurse specialists

Lynn Dahri
Deborah Gifford
Kim Pryde
Claudia Schmalzhaf
Vena Sinclair
Emma Tonkin