The following outline describes the usual number of visits, what is involved at each step and the hospital appointments that can occur if you would like to consider donating your kidney.

Step 1 

Step 2

  • The live donor coordinators will assess the health questionnaire.
  • If there is a health concern they may contact you or your GP for more information.
  • If your health questionnaire is suitable, you will be contacted to make an appointment to attend the hospital.

Step 3 – First Hospital appointment

  • This is split into a virtual appointment for information first then a clinic appointment for blood match and health assessment. An appointment for a telephone consultation will then be made to give you your results.

Step 4 – Telephone appointment – results

  • We allow six weeks for all the results to be available. The compatibility tests take the longest. These are important for knowing whether you can directly donate to your recipient. If your blood results (blood group and HLA type) are not compatible then there is still an option to donate via the UK living kidney sharing scheme providing your health assessment is suitable.
  • If there are any concerns regarding your health assessment, the coordinators may contact you before the six-week appointment to: repeat one of the tests; arrange a further investigation or to make an onward referral for treatment or an opinion such as to your GP or a specialist.

Step 5 – Second Hospital Appointment – Full-day investigations

  • Further to the initial health screen, it is important for a donor to undergo an in-depth health assessment whereby you will undergo various investigations.

Step 6 – Results plus medical & surgical assessments

  • An appointment with the live donor consultant nephrologist will be arranged two weeks after the full-day investigations so that you can be given your results. The consultant will discuss the results, your suitability to donate and the associated risks of donating.
  • You will also meet the transplant surgeon who will explain and assess you for the operation. They will confirm which kidney will be removed and the type of operation.
  • If everything is deemed suitable for you to proceed to donate directly to your recipient then a date for the operation will be set.