You will undergo a series of health tests and investigations, these tests will assess your suitability and fitness to have a transplant in addition to assessing your ability to manage the post-transplant care. Once you have been deemed suitable, you will be registered and active on the national deceased donor waiting list. Once active, you will be contacted as a kidney becomes available.

Once active: this means you are actively waiting for a kidney and ready to be called to the hospital for a transplant at any time, day or night.

How are Kidney transplants allocated?

The allocation system does not operate as a queue – you do not start at the bottom and move up. Instead, kidneys are allocated by NHS Blood and Transplant for all patients in the UK according to your blood group, tissue match, and several other factors.
Following the transplant operation, you will be prescribed life-long medication to prevent your new kidney from being rejected.

See leaflet from Kidney Care UK for more information on post-transplant medication

For more information on deceased donor, please see this useful link from the NHS organ donation website to learn more