Our dialysis service is managed by a team of consultants and nurses through our hospitals, satellite centres and home-based programmes.

Chief of service

Dr Darren Parsons

Head of service, dialysis

Dr Neill Duncan

Lead nurse for dialysis

Ginny Prout

Consultant nephrologists

Dr Damien Ashby, St Charles Hospital and home haemodialysis
Professor Edwina Brown, peritoneal dialysis
Dr Rawya Charif, Ealing Hospital
Dr Richard Corbett, peritoneal dialysis
Dr Neill Duncan, Northwick Park Hospital and home haemodialysis
Dr Megan Griffith, Northwick Park Hospital
Dr Peter Hill, Watford Hospital
Dr Michelle Willicombe, Charing Cross Hospital
Dr Marina Loucaidou, West Middlesex Hospital
Dr Adam McLean, St Charles Hospital
Dr Andrew Palmer, Central Middlesex Hospital
Dr Darren Parsons, Hayes dialysis centre
Dr Emma Salisbury, Auchi dialysis centre
Dr Phil Webster, Auchi dialysis centre


Sister Elizabeth Dalby, head nurse

Ealing Hospital

Charge nurse Colin Smith, head nurse

St Charles renal centre, St Charles Hospital

Sister Kathleen Lynch, head nurse

Hayes Hospital

Sister Sharon Harris, head nurse

Northwick Park Hospital

Sister Claire Edwards, head nurse

Watford Hospital

Sister Helen Gaffney, head nurse

West Middlesex Hospital

Margaret Nevin, head nurse

Charing Cross Hospital

Damir Tandaric, head nurse