The National Genomic Research Library (NGRL) is a secure national database of genomic and de-identified health data managed by Genomics England. By collecting this data from thousands of patients and storing it all in one place researchers are able to look for patterns that will help them better understand disease, which in turn can lead to new diagnoses and the development of new treatments. The more people donate their data to the NGRL, the more accurate the research will be.

The NGRL is very important for research and there are many reasons to take part, including:

  • Your involvement in the NGRL does not require you to donate additional samples
  • Your involvement may help people with similar conditions to you
  • Your involvement may provide you with an opportunity to participate in clinical trials
  • Your involvement may aid research which will provide you or others with answers in the future
  • Being part of a new national approach which brings together the NHS and health data to improve care for patients.