A central feature of the GMS is the National Genomic Test Directory (TD), which specifies the genomic tests that are commissioned by the NHS in England – including karyotyping, microarray testing, tests for single genes and molecular markers, gene panel tests, whole exome sequencing (WES) and whole genome sequencing (WGS) – that are now available through the NHS in England. 

The TD specifies which genomic tests are funded by NHSE as part of the GMS. It also details the technology by which they are delivered, and the patients who will be eligible to access to a test. An eligibility criteria document supplements the TD, setting out clinical indications for each test and the clinical specialties who are expected to request a given test. All tests that are listed within the TD are funded through the NHSE Specialist Commissioning provision for England.


Follow the link below to access the up to date National Genomic Test Directory for rare and inherited disorders and cancer.