Find out what to expect when you come to hospital for your children's tuberculosis appointment.

Before your appointment

Our clinic sees patients very promptly. Children should be accompanied by a parent or caregiver, but any family member with active TB should not come into the paediatric outpatients. If you have any questions about this please call and talk to the our TB clinical nurse specialist ahead of time.

Please bring all current medications to your appointment.

During your appointment

When you check-in at the main reception in paediatric outpatients, all children will be weighed and measured for clinic.

Your first appointment with us will take 40 to 50 minutes, and your follow-up appointments will usually be less than 30 minutes.

Please note that we are a teaching hospital, so medical students may be present for some appointments. If you do not wish to have them in the room please let the nurse or doctor know and the students will be asked to step outside.

During the appointment families will usually be seen by the clinical nurse specialist and/or the consultant.

If you need to be screened for TB this usually involves a skin test, sometimes a blood test and a chest x-ray.

Typically these are organised to take place on the Monday, two days before the clinic appointment so that the results are available at the time of review. The clinical nurse specialist will ring you to explain and arrange this.