Our children's infectious diseases service holds clinics at St Mary's Hospital.

General infections diseases/congenital infections clinic


Monday afternoons with Dr Lyall and Wednesday afternoons with Dr Tudor-Williams

HIV clinic


Tuesday mornings with Dr Foster and Thursday mornings with Dr Lyall or Dr Tudor-Williams

Further information about our children's HIV clinic can be found here.

TB clinic


Wednesday mornings with Dr Herberg or Dr Turkova

Further information about our children's TB clinic can be found here.

Immune deficiency clinic


Wednesday mornings with Professor Kroll or Dr Ninis

Hepatitis clinic


First Wednesday afternoon of every month with Dr Tudor-Williams.

Further information about our children's hepatitis clinic can be found here.

Kawasaki and other inflammatory disease clinic


Wednesday morning, once a month with Professor Levin

Complex vaccine issues


Friday afternoons with Professor Kroll

All our clinics are held in the children's outpatients department at St Mary’s Hospital.


Children’s outpatients department
Sixth floor
Queen Elizabeth Queen Mother (QEQM) building 
St Mary’s Hospital
South Wharf Road
London W2 1NY

Contact information

Phone: 020 3312 6251
Phone: 020 3312 6465 (Inpatients in grand union ward)

Contacting our service in emergencies

Call the hospital switchboard on 020 3312 6666 and ask for the on-call infectious disease consultant.