Our children's haemotology, blood and marrow transplantation service is managed by a team of consultants and clinical nurse specialists.


Dr Josu de la Fuente, consultant paediatric haematologist, director of blood and marrow transplantation service
Dr Leena Karnik, consultant paediatric haematologist, clinical lead
Dr Toni Petterson, consultant paediatric oncologist 
Dr Kirstin Lund, consultant paediatric haematologist  
Dr Nichola Cooper, consultant haematologist
Dr Adam Gassas, consultant paediatrician

Clinical nurse specialists

Catherine Mkandiware, clinical nurse specialist haemoglobinopathies
Ana Cabrera, clinical nurse specialist oncology and haematology
Marion Ong, clinical nurse specialist paediatric haematology day care (on maternity leave)
Yvonne Harrington, clinical nurse specialist Diamond-Blackfan anaemia

Paediatric bone marrow transplant coordinators

Sandrine Bremathas
Olivia Rabanal
Anguel Roberts