Urgent glaucoma eye drop prescription change

One of the most commonly prescribed glaucoma drops, Lumigan, is changing. Originally produced in two strengths, 0.3mg/ml and 0.1mg/ml, the 0.3mg/ml strength bottle has become the most commonly prescribed in the UK, as it was the first of the two eye drop medications available on the market. Both strengths are comparable and clinically effective and the pharmaceutical company, Allergan, who manufacture the eye drops, have decided to only produce the 0.1mg/ml concentration with immediate effect.

This means that all patients on a 0.3mg/ml prescription will have to be switched to a 0.1mg/ml prescription when existing stock runs out. This has already started happening in pharmacies around London and there will be no further supply. A change to packaging, dosage or appearance of glaucoma medication can worry patients and cause confusion and we would like to ensure as smooth a transition as possible. All existing repeat prescriptions should be changed to 0.1mg/ml and new patients requiring this eye drop will also have the 0.1mg/ml strength prescribed in clinic.

A change in scheduled visits to glaucoma clinics is not anticipated and patients can be reassured that Lumigan 0.1mg/ml strength will be just as appropriate for them if they were previously on the 0.3mg/ml bottle of Lumigan.

Please note: the preservative free Lumigan is available in a single unit dose and only in the 0.3mg/ml strength. Any patient on preservative free eye drops will have this at the beginning of their prescription and this should not be changed to the preserved preparation.

For further information, please contact laura.crawley@imperial.nhs.uk