Trust moves to NHS e-Referrals

All qualifying Trust outpatient services are now live on NHS e-Referrals, ahead of the national deadline of 1 October.

GPs and patients can use e-Referrals to see, at the point of referral, what services are available and how quickly the patient will be seen. In many cases, GPs will be able to both refer the patient and in many cases, book their appointment while the patient is at their surgery.

The Trust will no longer accept referrals via email, phone, fax or letter to first consultant-led outpatient appointments. These referrals will be rejected, your practice will be notified of the rejection, and you will be asked to re-refer using NHS e-Referrals.

Throughout August 2018, the Trust will make an exception for two week wait referrals to ensure patients get the care they need as soon as possible. Please note that any paper referrals will be flagged to your practice and CCG to ensure that any difficulties with e-Referrals are quickly addressed.

Visit our GPs and referrers section for more information about referrals and a list of services available on e-Referrals.