Today's capacity status: How busy are our hospitals?

We have three internal capacity statuses which help us continue to provide safe care when our hospitals are experiencing high levels of pressure. 

  • Amber – capacity in our hospitals is expected to meet the predicted demand for beds
  • Red – the predicted capacity is showing signs of exceeding demand
  • Black – the predicted demand for beds currently exceeds the available capacity

Today, Friday 16 November, we are currently on:

  • Charing Cross Hospital no capacity alert
  • St Mary's Hospital – red

Where possible, we want to help patients get access to the specialist advice and care they need without having to go via A&E and without having to be admitted.

Where patients do need to be admitted, we want to get them to the specialist service they need as quickly as possible.

Below is our checklist for GPs to help us work together to ensure patients get great care this winter.

  1. Do you know how best to make an urgent referral to our services? You can talk to the appropriate on-call specialist registrar for urgent guidance, seven days a week, 24 hours a day.
  2. Do you know you can refer patients directly to our ambulatory emergency care (AEC) service and older person's rapid access clinic (OPRAC)Same-day consultant review for patients with a range of presumed diagnoses who are stable – without the need for A&E attendance or, where possible, hospital admission.
  3. Do you know you can refer patients directly for specialist community support to help avoid unnecessary hospital admissions? Access rapid response integrated care teams across north west London
  4. Do you know you can monitor capacity across our hospitals? We will maintain a daily update on this page on our capacity status across our hospitals and A&E departments.

For further information you can download our ‘get winter ready’ checklist and factsheet for GPs at left.