GP advice service

GPs in North West London can use the digital platform Rego to request specialist advice and guidance from our hospital specialists.

If you are a GP practising outside of North West London and do not have access to Rego, please submit a referral through NHS eRS and one of our hospital specialists can respond with advice.

Rego, replaces previous email and telephone advice lines, and the national eRS advice and guidance service.

The platform has been put in place to ensure a consistent approach for all advice and guidance requests.

How does the process work

If you need specialist advice or guidance to help inform a hospital referral decision, you can initiate a request through the secure Rego platform, which will be installed on your PC, and will be linked to your patient administration system.

The platform will automatically attach key patient demographic information equivalent to what is required within the standard hospital referral letter templates. Active, past medical history, along with medication, investigations (past 12 months) and family history is added.

You can also attach any additional information you feel is relevant such as a high-quality photograph, or free text comments. 

The request will be sent to the most appropriate worklists where one of our hospital specialists will review the information and decide on one of the following options:

  • request further information.
  • provide advice and guidance to help you to support the patient directly.
  • accept the patient into the hospital service.

This is expected to happen within three working days of the request being submitted.

If a patient needs a hospital referral, the specialist will be able to progress it within the Rego system and our hospital appointment booking team can log into Rego, to collect the details and book the appointment for the patient or, if the service offers a ‘choose and book’ option, there will be a facility for the patient to action themselves. 

You must pre-authorise, at the point of sending an advice request, to enable a hospital clinician to automatically convert the request into a referral, when clinically appropriate. If you do not pre-authorise, the hospital clinician can only advise the GP to refer the patient using eRS.

If the GP receives advice from the clinician, they can either accept the advice, or respond to the clinician with further questions/comments.

Advice requests and responses will automatically upload into your core patient administration system, so that you can work efficiently and easily keep a detailed record.

Please note

  • you cannot forward requests to specific consultants, you can only submit advice and guidance requests to specialties, for example Cardiology or Urology. The requests will be added to the specialty worklist. All consultants assigned to the worklist will be able to see all request cases.
  • each specialty might manage advice request triage differently, some specialties may have clinical nurse specialists, registrars and/or consultants monitoring the worklists.
  • the patient will not see the response from the hospital clinician. It is your responsibility to feedback any advice provided by the hospital clinician, to the patient.

Support when using Rego

Rego offers an online support service and support telephone line 0207 993 5870.

Previously used telephone and email advice lines