Help run Friends’ shops, cafes and fundraising drives to support local improvements in our hospitals.

Our Friends groups are independent voluntary organisations that support our hospitals in many ways, including running shops and cafes, raising funds for local improvements and helping out at events. Importantly, they also provide a close connection with our local communities. 

You can get involved as little or as often as you wish. Ideally, you would be able to give a few hours of your time each week. To become a Friend, you will need to complete a joining form and give a minimum annual donation of £10. 

There are three Friends groups across our Trust. You can find out more about them – and complete their joining form - by visiting their websites or web pages:

Penny and Barbara, Friends of St Mary's Hopsital
Serving patients and making new friends

Penny returned to the hospital that cared for both her parents while Barbara wanted to ‘do a bit of good’ at the hospital where she gave birth to her four children. Today, the two of them are great friends working in the busy shop at St Mary’s Hospital. 


John, Friend of St Mary's Hospital

Helping where it’s needed

John has a busy role in his local community. When he is not volunteering as a mobility driver, supporting people to get round Hyde Park, he’s helping with the running of the Friends of St Mary’s. As John puts it, "I offer my help wherever it's needed."

Penny and Barbara, Friends of St Mary's Hopsital