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Get involved - help shape and support what we do

Opportunities to get involved Find out how you can help

It’s really important that patients, their families and carers, and our local residents are involved in informing and shaping everything we do, at all levels of our organisation. We are here to serve you and so we need to understand your needs and preferences. We believe that wider patient and public involvement can help us provide better care and ensure we play our part locally in creating strong and healthy communities.

We gather and analyse feedback that we receive through NHS Choices, national and local surveys, our patient advice and liaison service and complaints. We seek views and undertake consultations about specific changes and developments. But we also want to encourage other, more active ways of getting involved. We’ve listed the main ways here so that you can find the right approach for you

Join a research trial Find out more

With hundreds of research trials across our services, you may be able to get early access to healthcare advances and help our clinicians improve care for all.

Through its partnership with Imperial College, the Trust has one of the most extensive clinical research programmes of all NHS organisations. Clinical trials help us compare different methods of preventing and treating medical conditions, providing reliable evidence to roll out effective advances as quickly as possible.

All clinical trials rely on volunteers. Some trials involve healthy members of the public. Others involve patients who may be offered the option as part of their treatment.