Our paired learning initiative provides an opportunity for staff to work and learn collaboratively in a supported environment – sharing expertise and knowledge in partnership.

Paired learning

The paired learning program is designed to pair-up managers and clinicians so they can learn from each other’s experiences and expertise. Participants explore each other’s roles to gain a deep understanding of their duties and priorities. Using their diversity in opinions and knowledge they support one another to develop and improve services for patients.

Participants gain an increased level of self-awareness, build their team-working skills, learn about local and Trust wide system and policy, learn about tools to create change and have the opportunity to work on an improvement project.

Medical Engagement Scale; NHS Institute of Innovation and Improvement

"There is a clear link between an organisation’s performance and the level of engagement between clinicians and managers."

What’s involved?

You will work in pairs for up to nine months and take part in four main activities – meetings, shadowing, learning workshops and a joint improvement project. Towards the end of the programme you will present your work to the executive team and key external stakeholders.

In your pairs, you will

  • meet together on a monthly basis
  • attend and contribute to learning development workshops
  • develop and plan an improvement project
  • complete a self-assessment before and after the programme

You will need permission from your line manager or supervising consultant if you’d like to participate.


Paired learning

I’ve learnt about the motivation that you need to develop and inspire change in a system as complex as the NHS

Paired Learning participant, 2015