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Mr Paul Chatrath was educated at Cambridge University (MA) and completed higher ear, nose and throat (ENT) training in London with rhinology fellowships abroad in Amsterdam and Chicago. He has also attained a higher research degree (MD). His clinical interests are in rhinology, sinus surgery and rhinoplasty as well as paediatric ENT.


Sinusitis including balloon sinuplasty, blocked nose, septorhinoplasty, tonsillectomy/adenoidectomy, nasal polyps, pinnaplasty, hearing loss and grommets, septoplasty, nasal valve surgery including titanium implants

Research & publications

Dr Chatrath's research interest is in clinical assessment of patients with nasal obstruction. He has had a recent publication in Clin Oto 2015 validating the NASION assessment tool. His MD higher research degree was in benign laryngology.

Private practice

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