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Dr John O’Dwyer was educated at Trinity College, University of Dublin. Graduating with his primary medical degree in 1998, he was awarded his MD based on research and thesis submission in 2011. After completion of higher medical training, he became a consultant neurologist at Frimley Park Hospital and St George’s Hospital, London. In 2016 he moved to Imperial College Healthcare NHS Trust and is based primarily at Charing Cross Hospital.


Epilepsy, first fits, migraine, acute neurology

Research & publications

TEVA Enforce. Sub-investigator at Imperial College Healthcare NHS Trust. 

SANAD2: a pragmatic randomised controlled trial comparing the effectiveness and cost effectiveness of levetiracetam and zonisamide versus standard treatments for epilepsy. Principal investigator at Frimley Park Hospital and Sub-Investigator at Imperial College Healthcare NHS Trust. 

EMPiRE: Anti-Epileptic drug Monitoring in PREgnancy: an evaluation of effectiveness, cost-effectiveness and acceptability of monitoring strategies. Principal Investigator at Frimley Park Hospital. 

Karsan, N., Barker, R., O'Dwyer, J.P. (2014) Clinical reasoning: the "great imitator". Neurology. Nov 25;83(22):e188-96

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O'Toole, O., Murphy, O., O'Dwyer, J., Lonergan, R., Keogh, B., Tubridy, N., Lynch, T., Farrell, M. (2015) Paraneoplastic dentate ganglionopathy: clinical and neuroimmunologic studies. Clin Neuropathol. Jan-Feb;34(1):34-9