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Dr John Martin was educated at Girton College, Cambridge and King’s College London. He trained as a gastroenterologist within north west London and obtained an MD investigating novel methods for colorectal cancer screening. He was appointed as a consultant in 2002 and moved to Charing Cross Hospital in 2006. He has a particular interest in screening for colorectal cancer and is director of the West London Bowel Cancer Screening Centre, based at Charing Cross. He has a passion for colonoscopy and performs advanced polypectomy as well as teaching colonoscopy both within the Trust and also at national screening centres. He is a Bowel Cancer Screening accredited colonoscopist and an examiner for BCSP colonoscopy accreditation. He runs a general gastroenterology clinic, treating patients with all luminal gastroenterological conditions, although has a special interest in inflammatory bowel disease.


Bowel cancer screening, therapeutic endoscopy, in particular advanced colonoscopy and polypectomy, IBD

Research & publications

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