Learn how we are organised – read about our board and board of committees, and our executive team.

Our board and board committees

Our board has overall responsibility for leadership, direction, control and risk management. It is accountable, through our chairman, to the NHS Trust Development Authority and the Secretary of State for Health. The board is made up of executive and non-executive directors – see biographies of our board for details.

There are five board committees overseeing specific aspects of our work:

  • quality
  • finance and investment
  • audit, risk and governance
  • remuneration and appointments
  • redevelopment 

We hold a public board meeting every two months, which members of the public are welcome to attend. The public board meeting includes updates from the board committees. We publish the agenda and board papers for the public meetings in advance, on our website.

If you have an enquiry about our board or board meetings, please contact the Trust company secretary, Peter Jenkinson: peter.jenkinson2@nhs.net

Our executive team

The chief executive is responsible to the board, through the chairman, for delivering the objectives and for the effective management of the organisation. The chief executive is supported by the executive team – see biographies of our executive team for details.

The executive team includes the lead for each of the organisation’s six corporate divisions:

  • medical director’s office (including quality, education and research)
  • nursing director's office (including patient experience, estates and quality compliance)
  • finance
  • people and organisational development
  • information and communications technology
  • communications

The executive team also includes the divisional directors of the three clinical divisions who report to the chief executive. The clinical divisions are:

  • medicine and integrated care 
  • surgery, cardiovascular and cancer
  • women’s, children’s and clinical support

The executive committee, which includes the executive team, meet on a weekly basis.

The vast majority of our business is the care and treatment of NHS patients. We also have a small number of other business units which provide additional income for reinvestment in our NHS services and/or support the delivery of our NHS services: