Over the past 20-25 years, several attempts at redeveloping of our hospital sites – but none were successful which led to the condition of our buildings deteriorating.

Over the past 25 years, there have been several attempts at redeveloping our hospital sites. None have been successful - which has led to the condition of our buildings deteriorating – but we have been careful to learn the lessons.

Paddington health campus scheme (1998-2005)

The following are extracts from a National Audit Office (NAO) report published in May 2006 describing this previous scheme involving the proposed development of St Mary’s Hospital.

“The Paddington Health Campus (the scheme) was a complex and ambitious attempt to build a world-class healthcare and research centre which ultimately proved to be beyond the capacity of the scheme partners to deliver.”

“The goal of the scheme was to build a health campus in Paddington with state-of-the-art clinical accommodation. This would have met the strong clinical and operational drivers then supported by all organisations involved, and replaced three run-down hospitals – St Mary’s, the Royal Brompton and Harefield. The scheme also included space for new research facilities for Imperial College, including the National Heart and Lung Institute, currently housed mainly on the Royal Brompton and Harefield sites. The Campus partners were Royal Brompton and Harefield NHS Trust, St Mary’s NHS Trust, Imperial College and, from 2002, Partnerships UK.”

The overall conclusions from the NAO report included the following:

“We have identified three main reasons behind this failure: the sheer number and scale of risks and lack of a single sponsor; the way in which the Campus partners organised and carried through the scheme, including the failure to secure adequate land for the scheme; and the lack of active strategic support for the Campus vision.”

“The cancellation of the scheme represents poor value for money for the patients, visitors and staff who have been left with hospital premises that are long overdue for renewal and specialist clinical services which have failed to meet the recognised need for reconfiguration.”

‘Shaping a healthier future’ reconfiguration programme (2011-2019)

The ‘Shaping a healthier future programme’ aimed to improve NHS services for the population of north west London. The principal changes aimed to centralise specialist services which people need when they are seriously ill, localise the most common services people need for everyday illnesses and injuries, and integrate all of these services with others such as social care. The programme was set up in November 2011 and the proposals were publicly consulted on in the summer of 2012.

Some service changes were made successfully, including to a number of A&E and maternity services. Part of the programme also involved developing business cases to gain approval for capital investment, including to develop St Mary’s Hospital as a ‘major hospital’ in north west London. In March 2019 the Secretary of State for Health and Social Care confirmed that the north west London response to the NHS Long Term Plan should supersede the ‘Shaping a healthier future’ programme and these capital plans were put on hold.

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