Update from Trust public board meeting 26 March 2020

On Wednesday 26 March, we held our first-ever virtual public board meeting using videoconferencing software that is currently being rolled out across the Trust. Members of the public were invited to submit questions ahead of the meeting. The meeting was recorded and is available to view below.

At the meeting, Trust deputy chair Sir Gerald Acher expressed the board’s huge gratitude and support for all of the staff responding to the coronavirus outbreak:

“I want to reflect on how deeply indebted we are to chief executive Tim Orchard, the management team and all staff at the Trust for really coming up to the plate in this time of national crisis. I think I can speak for all the non-executive directors when I say we are very proud and privileged to be part of this organisation. We want to express our thanks and support for everyone for the coming weeks and throughout this very difficult time.”

Chief executive Tim Orchard echoed Sir Gerald's gratitude to staff and added: “Our organisational culture remains incredibly important as we enter a particularly stressful period. We must ensure that we keep our values – to be kind, collaborative, expert and aspirational – at the core of everything we do.”

The board reiterated the need for a keen focus on staff well-being at this challenging time and noted the need to refocus all efforts on projects that will support the most effective response, including the rollout of technology to support effective remote working, and the outpatient transformation programme’s virtual appointments, which will help patients access clinical expertise while remaining safely at home.

You can view the board meeting in its entirety below and download the board papers here.