Stunning new mural commission by British artist Bridget Riley unveiled

A new mural by Bridget Riley, one of Britain’s most respected abstract painters, has been unveiled at St Mary’s Hospital.

The mural for the 10th floor of Queen Elizabeth the Queen Mother (QEQM) building was commissioned by Imperial College Healthcare Charity Art Collection.

The acrylic on plaster work, measuring 56 x 2.5 metres, is the third mural the internationally renowned artist has created for the hospital. In 1987, she was commissioned by to create two murals on the 8th and 9th floors of the Queen Elizabeth the Queen Mother building, St Mary's Hospital. The new commission was made possible by the generous support of the artist.

Riley said:

"The hospital corridor paintings embrace the whole space; they aim to lift the spirits and to remind one of the life outside the hospital, while in no way interfering with the essential activities which must go on.' The artworks anticipate the movement of people walking through the building space, absorbing what is going on around them, as opposed to looking directly at the paintings.


Wonderful murals transform environment into uplifting place for patients and staff”

Riley developed her distinctive style in the 1960s, moving from figurative and semi-impressionist paintings to abstract works that consisted of black and white geometric forms. She creates visual experiences that challenge the senses and perceptions by using a carefully selected range of colours and abstract shapes and organising them in repetitive sequences to explore movement and rhythm.

Rosemary Harris, Curator, Imperial College Healthcare Charity Art Collection said: 'The murals are stunning. They are really wonderful works which have transformed the clinical environment into an uplifting and beautiful place for patients and staff.'

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