Second phase of testing new measures of A&E performance

All pilot sites involved in the testing of new standards for A&E will begin the second phase of testing from Wednesday 31 July. This follows findings from the first phase, which showed that the average (mean) time in A&E measure was introduced successfully across all sites with no reported safety concerns linked to the testing.

This phase will include:
  • measuring time to initial assessment;
  • collecting data to examine the feasibility of measuring how fast critically ill or injured patients arriving at A&E receive a package of tests and care developed with clinical experts (including stroke, major trauma, heart attacks (MI – STEMI), acute physiological derangement, and severe asthma);
  • measuring how long people who arrive at A&E experiencing a mental health crisis wait for a psychiatric assessment and, where required, a transfer to appropriate mental health care; and
  • test sites to continue monitoring average (mean) total time in department and long waits from arrival, aiming for continual improvement.
Later in the process, neighbouring mental health trusts will be testing standards for urgent community mental health services that can prevent avoidable A&E attendances by providing mental health crisis care in more suitable environments where possible.

All pilot sites will continue not to report against A&E standards (current or proposed) until testing is complete.