Trust response to the publication of the CQC’s national 2017 maternity survey

Divisional Director for Women’s, Children’s and Clinical Support, Consultant Obstetrician and Gynaecologist Professor TG Teoh, said:

“Feedback from women and families who access our maternity services is extremely important to us and we welcome the findings of the 2017 maternity survey results, which sought feedback about our NHS maternity services at Queen Charlotte’s and Chelsea Hospital and St Mary’s Hospital.

“Our headline results show that we compare similarly to other NHS maternity units with some areas of practice particularly praised by mothers that took part in the survey.

“We’ve put in a lot of work to provide more opportunity for women to have partners or someone else close to stay with them in hospital during and after birth, in line with the mother’s wishes, and we are pleased that this improvement has been recognised in the survey results.

“We’re also pleased that the vast majority of women surveyed said that they had skin to skin contact with their baby shortly after birth, that their partner or someone else close to them were able to be involved during the labour and birth in line with the mother’s wishes, and that they were spoken to in a way that they understood, being treated with respect and dignity.

“Our maternity team will now develop an action plan to address all of the feedback in order to make further improvements to the care and experience we provide to families at this very special time in their lives.”